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Yoga Tour for a blissful life

The world is waking to the wonders of Yoga, what about you? Discover Yoga for your busy life.Shikhar Travel’s Yoga tour will be the last thing you will want to miss, in case you are planning India tour shortly. Lets first understand what Yoga is and what difference this ancient Indian science can make in your life?

The word Yoga comes from an ancient Hindu philosophy which means union and in this context refers to the union of finite man with the infinite god. Yoga is a physical discipline in which cycles of physical postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (prananyams) are completed to attain perfect health, serene mind and liberated soul.

There are myriads of physical benefits of Yoga. It keeps your body strong and improves endurance. Moreover, Yoga is the only science which uses body, mind and soul, all in one practice giving a practitioner perfection of health, serenity of mind and a joyous soul. It is also believed that regular practice prevents the decay of tissues, by increasing the life force, and fills the system with abundant energy.

A well designed and well structured Yoga program will unwind this eastern secret science designed for a blissful life. With our Yoga packages you can learn different kind of Yoga Asana or postures from renowned Yoga practitioners in Delhi’s popular Yoga center. We offer most flexible and genuine Yoga packages fitting in your requirements. These self transforming Yoga lessons will be the most special endowment after an eventful Indian journey.

So, experience the spiritual ecstasy of India and discover Yoga for your busy life with Shikhar Yoga tour packages !