25 Top Treks in Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand

Garhwal, a region in the Indian state of Uttarakhand is one of the most popular trekking and adventure sports destination in India. It is full of exciting trekking destinations that provides all types of trek routes starting from the easiest to the strenous. The best time to visit Garhwal is in the months of April-June and September-October.

Some of the treks in the Garhwal region are:

Auden Col Trek:Auden Col

  •   Duration: 18 Days
  •   Grade: Challenging – Tough
  •   Altitude: 5450 mts/17876 ft
  •   Season: Mid May to Early October

Auden’s Col, one of the toughest treks in Garhwal that joins the Jogin I and Gangotri III summits on one side and on the other side, it joins two glaciers, one of which is the Khatling. The trek starts from Gangotri and on the way to Nala Camp, you will pass through the pine and birch forests after which there is a day trek to the Rudra Gaira Base Camp that offers an extraordinary view of the snow-clad Himalayas. Gangotri base camp is the next stop and from here begins the way up to the Auden’s Col base camp. The fascinating trek to the Khatling glacier is arduous but well-worth the view. The descent commences after Masar Tal, Vasuki Tal and then end at Kedarnath. Continue reading →


List of Top 10 Treks in Upper Himachal Region

Bhabha Pass Trek
bhabha passBhaba pass Trek is an attention grabbing trek, and one of the famous trek tours among the Himachal Trekking expeditions. The pass gets carpeted by snow round the year. After crossing the Bhaba pass, the landscape changes dramatically, thick forest of Pine, cedar and deodar replaces the barren landscape of Spiti. The trail mounts along the left bank of the Wangar River after crossing a footbridge. Then keeps climbing through crop fields of Mastrang and passes through a mixed forest of conifers and temperate broad-leafed species. Travellers go trekking generally between the months of July to September as it is the most pleasant time. This journey is not only adventure centric but also spiritual because it offers a pilgrim trail to all those who are devoted to perform parikrama of the divine mountain range. Continue reading →

Places to visit near Shikhar Nature Resort, Uttarkashi..!!

Shikhar Nature Resort is a division of Shikhar Travels India Pvt Ltd, one of the leading tour operators based in New Delhi, India. The resort is conveniently located 5 km from Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand on the way to Gangotri. It is a river side resort, perfect for relaxation, family holiday, corporate visits, educational tours and much more.

During your stay at the resort, you can be a part of various adventure/fun activities, you can also grab the opportunity to explore various sightseeing’s and getaways :

VishwanathTemple_24112Vishwanath Temple:

Vishwanath temple is known as the “Kashi of north”, which is ancient and renowned temple in the heart of Himalayan terrain. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is situated at approx. 300 mts away from the local market of Uttarkashi. It was renovated by Maharani Khaneti, wife of Sudarshan Shah in 1857. The main attraction of this temple is the shivling, which is around 60 cm high & 90 cm in circumference. Continue reading →

Tips for your Safety while Trekking!!

altitudeTrekking in the mountains is a rewarding and unforgettable experience. However, it is important to keep your safety in mind. Weather conditions can change any moment and in case of an accident, medical help is not always easily available. Have a look below for some guidelines and tips on health & safety during your trip. Keeping those in mind will also help you to enjoy your trip more! Continue reading →

Glacier Treks In The Indian Himalayan Region

The glaciers in the Indian Himalayas have great significance whether it is religious or adventurous. These glaciers turn into different sacred rivers that can be bowed by tremendous devotees. But besides this these glaciers are the perfect way of exploring yourself by digging into different trekking tours in India.

Catch some of the best glacier trekking routes in India that brings energetic and impressive expedition to the great Himalayas.

Gomukh Glacier:

gomukh-glacier Gangotri Gomukh is the origin of the river Ganges and the seat of Goddess Ganga, famously being popular as one of the Chardham circuits in Uttarakhand. Gomukh is one of the holiest places for the Hindu devotees and also brings the great trekking opportunities for the enthusiastic travelers. The trek takes you to Gomukh (cows mouth), the mythological source of the River Ganges, which is at the snout of the Gangotri glacier. The Gomukh Glacier trekking covers the area of the Garhwal Himalayas at an altitude of 4463 mts/4638 ft. The normal duration of Gomukh glacier trekking is about 8-11 days and it brings moderate to challenging kinds of trekking.

The best time for this trekking is May-June & August- November. The trek will give a complete experience, right from self supported journey to camping in deep Himalayas. Continue reading →

Lahaul and Spiti – A Travel Guide


1. Baralacha La:
baralachalaSituated at an altitude of 4833 m, the Baralacha La is a mountain pass in the Zanskar Range connecting Lahaul to Ladakh. The pass serves as a natural divide between the Bhaga and Yunam rivers and is near the origination points of the Bhaga River and the Chandra River. The beautiful Saraj Tal Lake is near to the pass and adds to the natural beauty of the place. The pass is the origination point of many trekking expedition around the area and is known for its breathtaking views of the mountains all around. Continue reading →

National Parks in Indian Himalayan Region

The Indian Himalayan region is just not a landlocked territory. Rather it secludes a vast ecosphere that stretches from the Indus Valley in Kashmir to valley of Noha-Dihing River in Arunachal Pradesh. The region is the stomping ground of several endangered animals, migratory birds, different types of insects and varied species of plant life. Confined within the hulking high peaks and in its hem, the Indian Himalayan region is proud to ramp up several national parks… being a haven to the Himalayan wildlife. Below is a list of the top 5 national parks in the Indian Himalayan region that may turn your leisure vacation into an adventurous one. Who Knows! When we are in the mountains our mind swings in its multi-layered climatic and altitudinal conditions.

The Great Himalayan National Park:
The-Great-Himalayan-NationaOne of the newly built national parks in India, the Great Himalayan National Park covers an area of approximately 1,171 sq. kilometers that stretches from the Kullu valley floor at 1,500 meters to a mighty elevation of 6000 meters in the state of Himachal Pradesh. In the midst of lush coniferous forests, emerald meadows strewn with exotic flora, soaring snowy peaks and pristine glaciers the Great Himalayan National Park is a home to a several species of wild mountain goats like the bharal, goral and serow, the brown bear and predators like the leopard and the elusive snow leopard. Further, it also houses more than 200 species of birds and other faunal species including insects, amphibians, annelids and mollusks. Continue reading →

Garhwal Himalayas – A Perfect Tour Destination for Family Trekking

Garhwal is believed to be among the most scenic and beautiful places of Asia. It is also a very famous and popular spot for trekkers. It is not just restricted to professional trekkers but even families can come and enjoy trekking here. There is a wide range of family trekking tours in Garhwal Himalayas. You can chose among the many routes and trails available here. Some of them are listed below:

Valley of Flowers Trek:

valley of flowersThis is considered one of the best treks among all Garhwal Himalayas trekking options. Valley of flowers is a riot of colors, sharp in contrast with the pure white of snow. The trek is over a 20 km stretch. Continue reading →

5 Best things to do in Himachal Pradesh

The biggest attraction of nature lovers and height lovers, Himachal Pradesh stands as a crown of the country welcoming tourists throughout the year. This amazing green state is enriched with so much of happening events and places that make you crave for another visit. The 5 must do’s in Himachal Pradesh are:

1. Trek to Saru Tal:

Trek Saru TalIn the capital district of Shimla trek of Saru Tal is at a height of 3600mt giving you a clear distal view of Gangotri range and proximal view of Swaragrohini, Kalanag and Banderpunch ranges standing with pride since centuries. Trek is still unexplored by many, less viewed and most delving trek of Himachal in Pabbar valley, Shimla. To have a clear natural view of lovely forested valley and a very natural carpet of wild flowers spread all around by Mother Nature, all you need to do is to plan up a trip full of energy and eagerness and experience the nature at its best in the months of June and October. Continue reading →

5 Top Adventure Destinations in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is renowned as Land of Gods (Devbhumi), though at the same time, it is also famous for the adventure activities it offers. Trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, White Water River rafting, camping and many more are the fascinated adventurous sports which you can enjoy in the Himalayan hills of Uttarakhand. It is a nature paradise for travelers and offers unique beauty of this lovely earth.

Here are the top five most adventurous places in Uttarakhand, which are waiting for your steps and ready to thrill you…

1. Roopkund:

roopkund-trek-uttarakhand-himalayasRoopkund is a mysterious glacial lake, situated at an altitude of 5029 m above sea level and located amidst Trishul and Nanda Ghunti peaks. Surrounding snowy environment and a difficult trek make this place first on the list of travelers. Another most attractive thing which’ll attract you is the mystery behind the story of this lake. It is said that over 500 people were killed due to a hailstorm around the lake and skeletons of these people can be seen there. Continue reading →