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A Beautiful Drive to the Cloudy Tawang

The North Eastern part of India is known for its simple people, amusing traditions, wildlife, Buddhist culture and some of the most beautiful monasteries in the country. A 12 hour drive from Guwahati, the biggest and one of the fastest developing city of Assam, through many invisible bends, sharp turns and cloudy passes unfolds one hidden treasure in the lap of nature. Tawang, the second largest monastery of Asia and the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in India, is located in the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh

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Not many people know about this hidden treasure, as the drive to Tawang is not for the faint hearted. One has to pass the beautiful Sela pass at a height of 14.000  feet (4300 meter) which is the highest point of the region and connects Tawang to the rest of the world. The pass is covered in snow almost throughout the year with hardly any vegetation around.  The rugged stone strewn mountain drive passes through many small villages, waterfalls and crystal clear lakes. Visitors can explore the nearby Sela Lake and Jang Waterfall, located close to the pass. The lakes in this part of the Eastern Himalayan region holds  a religious significance to the Buddhist community.


Little monks ready for morning prayer..

Situated at  a height of  approx, 10000 ft,(3000 Mts), this mesmerizing Buddhist citadel comprises of residential buildings inhabited by Buddhist followers, mainly the Monpa, Tapka and Tibetians. The monstery was founded in the 17th century AD by the Mera Lama Lodre Gyasto, as by the wishes of the 5th Dalai Lama, Nagwang Lobsang Gyatso.

The Tawang Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh is a center for Buddhist cultural studies where little lamas everyday come to pray and study at the in-house library consisting of an invaluable collection of 400 years old manuscripts.


The 3-storied building also houses an assembly hall, a temple and an 8.3 meter high golden Buddha.  Hundreds of illuminated butter lamps and the chanting of mantras in the tranquil environs of Tawang fill the air with a spiritual zing.


A frozen lake in Tawang

Other attraction in the area:  Visit the Bhumla Pass which is about 40 kms away from Tawang. The road to Bhumla pass from Tawang is a difficult one but scenic. The pass is at the India China Border where Indian Military welcomes visitors with a warm heart even in the biting cold weather.


The Magnificence of Stok Kangri – 6153 Mtr

ABC 1“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.

An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”

-G. K. Chesterton

 The chill in the air might freeze you, but the thrill in your spirit will melt all fears away. Mount Stok Kangri expedition is known to be one of the simpler 6000mt treks in the world. After a hard 5 days trek and some really breath-taking views, there is going to be a sense of fulfillment that will make you forget everything else.

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Perched at a height of 6153 mtrs, StokKangri trek is popular, not so technical yet a demanding foray into high altitude mountaineering.  StokKangri is situated in the Indus Valley of Ladakh region and lies on the Karakorum ranges of the Indian Himalayas, which is the highest peak in the Stok ranges of the Himalaya.The bestmonths to ascend are July to September when it’s usually dry with few rain showers in July and August.

Day 06-Stok Base camp

A classic trek to Stok Kangri can take upto 5-6 days. The trek begins from Stok village which is about 24 kms from Leh district. From the village trek uptil Manikarmo at 4600 mt where you witness barren mountains and wilderness. Matho River Valley is a suitable place for setting up a camp.  Acclimatisation takes a lot of time so it is advised to climb to another height of about 5000mt next day, where you can set up base camp and spend another day for acclimatising and walking up to the advanced base camp to spend some time near the glacier.

Day 09-Way to summit

By fourth day, gear up to start your Stok Kangri summit trek as you pass through rock face, snow trails and catch the views of some of world’s highest peaks like K2. Flag your arrival on the snow clad peak and behold the panoramic views that will take you into a trance, but soon it will be time to return to base camp to spend another night at camp as you celebrate your conquest with your team. Return back with memories, lots of pictures, and a Himalayan adventure you have been looking for.

Day 09-Stok summit

Stok Kangri is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful peaks in Ladakh that gives a real opportunity to climb a 6150mt mountain in less than a week, which is not possible in any other part of the world!If adventure is on your mind, expedition in Ladakh Himalayan belt offers an array of adventure treks and expedition for enthu-mountaineers out there, Mt Nun&Mt Kun to name a few.

Kumaon’s fruit basket

Snuggled in the foothills of Himalayas, the Kumaon hills will surely cast a magical spell on your senses as you step into the crisp and fresh air of the region. A 6 hour drive from the capital city New Delhi takes you to the land of wonders. The Uttarakhand state is divided in two divisions – Garhwal & Kumaon.

The Kumaon district is famous for its fruit orchards where one can visit and explore the hills enriched with these precious drops of nature like – apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums and chestnuts, some of the common fruits grown in this region. The fertile land of Kumaon is rich and diverse in its fauna & flora and far away from the tourist rush making it a perfect escape.


The region’s richness is seen in its abundance in lakes, rivers, temples, wildlife and the rich culture of it’s people. Every district of Kumaon has a soothing beauty of it’s own. The Nainitaal district is a true treat to the eyes being dotted with several lakes. Further ahead of Nainitaal is the bustling region of Almora rich in its culture heritage and hardworking people and also Pithorgarh, an abode to the divine deities, splendid glaciers and natural reservoirs.

Take up an exceptional journey to the Kumaon to experience a quaint lifestyle amidst nature’s gifts of fruit orchards. Our specially designed itinerary assures to bring you close to the people, their village life and the enchanted views of Kumaon valleys.

Conquest the Grandeur of Mt. Kun – 7077meter

The Surru and Zanskar valley in Jammu and Kashmir attracts many passionate climbers from across the globe to ascend the imposing peaks of this valley. Mt. Kun is settled in the rugged and forbidden landscape of Zanskar in northern India. Being the second highest peak in the ranges, Mt. Kun serves as the center of attraction for all the mountaineers.

Kun Expedition

Mt. Kun

It is technically more challenging than Mt. Nun, the twin sister. Situated in the north of Mt. Nun, both are separated from each other by a 4 km long snowy plateau. Because of the remoteness of these mountain; they were not climbed very often and was fewer known summits of the world. But in recent years, Mt. Kun has gained high popularity between the mountaineers.

Mt. Kun was first conquered by Piacenza, Italian Mountaineer in the year 1913.

Mt. Kun is approachable from two different routes, that is, from Tangole (70km. From Kargil) and Gulmatongo (110km. From Kargil). Gulmatongo serves as the base camp for the start of ascending of the peak.

Kun Expedition

Kun Expedition

The best months for expedition to Mt. Kun is during the months of July, August and September. Various equipment’s are required for uneventful climbing such as fixing ropes, harness, sleeping bags, rock climbing shoes, climbing holds, hiking poles, mountain gear, climbing helmets and many more.

You shall stroll through ancient villages, green meadows and attractive valleys of Ladakh. Once you ascend the summit you will witness a hair-raising view of snow-capped peaks being beautifully kissed by clouds, it seems as you have landed on a paradise.

Mountain Kun

Mountain Kun

Some of the attractions that shall be explored during your stay in Ladakh are Hemis; the biggest and important monastery in Ladakh is built on the green hill side with the view of spectacular mountains. Situated on the crag overlooking the flood plains of Indus, Thiksey is nostalgically attractive monastery dating back to 15th century. On the east bank of Indus lays the royal palace of 16th century, Shey.

This expedition provides you with a great opportunity to explore the adventure spirit within yourself. A varied trekking across spectacular scenery to the base camp and, subsequently, an extended and attractive ascent waits for you.