About Us

shikhar logoAs a complete destination management company and one of the premier travel agent for last 30 years in India, we are committed to deliver quality service, personal attention and care to every traveler.

Shikhar Travels has achieved more than brand leader status within India, providing highly innovative, flexible, market led operation, which has never lost its personal touch and approach. With efforts from its young, dedicated and enthusiastic team, Shikhar explored unknown and undiscovered areas, opened new vistas and experimented with various to specialize in vast range of adventure and cultural tours covering almost all aspects of Incredible India.


Our Respected Managing Director, Captain Swadesh Kumar is a graduate in science from Punjab University and a qualified commercial pilot.

He got his flying license in 1971 and joined Rajasthan flying club as an assistant flight instructor in 1972. He worked as freelance pilot till 1974. He was the administrative officer of the all India women’s expedition to karbay in Himachal Pradesh organized by Delhi Mountaineering Association in 1975.

In 1978 he led the Delhi Mountaineering Association’s expedition to mt. 48 & mt. 49 in Himachal Pradesh. From mid 70’s to early 90’s he was working as a coordinator on behalf of the travel industry for the mountaineering and tourism meets which was being organized jointly by IMF, air India and ministry of tourism. He have been associated with IMF in this regard and we had organized such meets till early 90’s.

Our guiding motto: Personal attention is not the exception but the rule.

Totally Flexible
We also provide custom made itineraries depending on the specific needs of the clients. We simply need the month of travel, places to visit and the number of persons traveling. Our totally flexible itineraries could be followed individually or combined to make a full package.

Team-Shikhar-1Our Strengths
We started our business as an adventure tour company and today it has a name to reckon with in this field. With each succeeding year, we have also maintained quality service in adventure as well as other fields of tourism. Our treks are easy and enjoyable for beginners and equally good for experienced trekkers.

Our wide variety
Building up from our strength in adventure tours, we have diversified into various other tours, especially cultural and general sightseeing tours and launched our Golden Tours, which has set new standards of quality , especially for individual travelers. The tours are designed to start from one of the four gateway cities and give the client maximum value for money with a choice of deluxe, standard, and economy accommodation to suit their specific needs.

Our credentials
We are a professional company belonging to most of the standard organisations, both nationally and internationally. This ensures that you are dealing with a recognized organisation and can expect international standards of compliance with all rules pertaining to the travel trade. Some of the organisations we belong to are given below:-

NATIONAL (Indian):
* Travel Agents Association of India
* India Convention Promotion Bureau
* Indian Association of Tour Operators
* Adventure Tour Operators Association of India
* Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India

* World Of Incentives
* Adventure Travel Trade Association
* International Air Transport Association
* Pacific Asia Travel Association
* American Society of Travel Agents
* World Association of Travel Agents
* National Association Of Carrier Travel Agents

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