Chennai Story telling

ChennaiChennai is a fascinating city submerged under many hidden and mysterious story tales that permeate the daily life in the city. If you plan to visit Chennai any soon, we suggest you get a glimpse of the city in these fascinating story-tales narrated by the local storytellers. These experts take you in and around the city on a story-telling journey for a day as you walk through the old bazaars, narrow streets or get your hands dirty at a farm site.

The Spice Route

You don’t need to be a kitchen expert or a foodie to be a part of this culinary journey. Walking down the vegetable market in Chennai is itself a thrilling experience. Take in the aroma of those zillion smells of spices and also hand-pick some of the most famous Indian spices and vegetables with the help of the experts. Cardamom, turmeric, ginger, asafetida and many other spices that are stars of Indian cooking will be your friends on this journey. After a visit to the market, you assist and watch the kitchen experts play the magic on the dishes made in front of you while they also give you insights about Indian cooking, spices, the different vegetables, and vegetable growing in India. On this spice route you also get to relish the special meal cooked with your assistance.

Dancing Pathways

Storytelling ChennaiDance is a way of life in India. From the elegant Indian classical to the dramatic cinema style, Chennai has it all. Storytellers will take you around the city to dance institutions where they will unveil the life stories of many famous dancers’, their past, and of how dance is imperative to this city. An introduction to basic elements of “Bharatanatyam” and its varied dance gestures that are known to depict stories through an amalgamation of many simple and few arduous dance movements. And that’s not all, you also get groove to the tunes of the world renown Tamil Cinema as a professional choreographer awaits to help you swing those moves!!

Chennai Greens

Walk down the farms of Chennai and get your hands dirty in this soul refreshing experience that brings you close to the nature. A short drive outside the city takes you away from the hustle-bustle, into the lush green farms of the countryside. The day is spent to visit the farmer’s house to interact with their families and learn various traditional farming methods. You get to soil yourself in a hands-on farming lesson by the famers while they engross you into stories from village life. You can also simply enjoy a walk into the paddy fields; visit ancient village temples and sacred groves or chose to take in the fresh air and soak into the green experience.

Bazaar Strolling

Walking down the bustling markets of India is a learning experience in itself. On this stroll to the bazaa11026524194_401aa4ddb0_zrs, you visit one such earliest marketplaces of Chennai, predominantly known as one of the oldest wholesale market. Through the busy and narrow lanes in the chaos of traffic and noisy hawkers surrounded by majestic buildings, you submerse into the fascinating history of erstwhile Blacktown, ‘Georgetown’. Selling is indefinitely an art here. A potpourri of history, mythology and folkore, Georgetown today continues to be one of the busiest wholesale market.

Mystic Trail of Mylapore

The neighborhood of Mylapore steeped in many traditions and arts predates Chennai city by at least 2000 years. Every site here beholds a story that unveils the many common Hindu practices and beliefs which are an integral part of the daily life. Know about the symbolism of drawing intricate “kolams” at the threshold of a Chennai home; placing of the sacred tulsi plant in the courtyard or the reason behind nazarbattu’s hung outside an Indian house or at the back of a truck. This is an enjoyable and interesting walk that reveals stories about the local life, Gods & Demons and ancient customs that are still practiced with the same fervor and belief.Chennai Story telling


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