Kumaon’s fruit basket

Snuggled in the foothills of Himalayas, the Kumaon hills will surely cast a magical spell on your senses as you step into the crisp and fresh air of the region. A 6 hour drive from the capital city New Delhi takes you to the land of wonders. The Uttarakhand state is divided in two divisions – Garhwal & Kumaon.

The Kumaon district is famous for its fruit orchards where one can visit and explore the hills enriched with these precious drops of nature like – apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums and chestnuts, some of the common fruits grown in this region. The fertile land of Kumaon is rich and diverse in its fauna & flora and far away from the tourist rush making it a perfect escape.


The region’s richness is seen in its abundance in lakes, rivers, temples, wildlife and the rich culture of it’s people. Every district of Kumaon has a soothing beauty of it’s own. The Nainitaal district is a true treat to the eyes being dotted with several lakes. Further ahead of Nainitaal is the bustling region of Almora rich in its culture heritage and hardworking people and also Pithorgarh, an abode to the divine deities, splendid glaciers and natural reservoirs.

Take up an exceptional journey to the Kumaon to experience a quaint lifestyle amidst nature’s gifts of fruit orchards. Our specially designed itinerary assures to bring you close to the people, their village life and the enchanted views of Kumaon valleys.


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  1. In Uttarakhand Many of places for visit tourist come here to enjoy natural beauty of Uttarakhand. All over Himalya is filled with natural wonder and beauty. To watch this beauty with your own you have to take.

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