Inspection Tour To Nag Tibba…

ImageThe Trip comprised of Passang Sherpa, tour escort at  Shikhar, Mr. Ashok Vardhan , Mr. Vikas Chauhan, the young team who has recently joined Shikhar Travels, India. Having the opportunity to visit Nag Tibba all three shared their experience as below-

On 22nd December, 2012, we started our journey for Nag Tibba, also known as ‘Serpent’s Peak’, 3,022 metres, is the highest peak in the lesser himalayan region of Uttarakhand state (Garhwal Division), and lends its name to the ‘Nag Tibba Range’, itself the next-northerly of the five folds of the Himalaya. Winters are chilly and summers are pleasant which makes it one of attractive place for camping.

On 23rd December, 2012, we reached Mussoorie at 6 am. After some light breakfast we headed towards Deva Village. Here we had some chat with the locals regarding the Nagtibba trek.  At lunch we cooked noodles, during this time we were a part of attraction for the village children. Post lunch we started our trekking to Nagtibba with some important goods.

During the trek, we just had 1 litre water bottle which we finished drinking in 2 hrs, for the rest 3 hrs we continued the trek without it. At 1715 hrs, we were still struggling for some water and looking for a nice and flat place where we can pitch our tent for overnight. Finally we reached a place which was a flat surface.The surrounding area was covered with snow. We quickly pitched the tent and lighted the fire on woods. Thereafter, we melted some snow for drinking and cooking purpose. We had Kheechri for the dinner. By this time, we all were tired and really enjoyed the dinner and the sound sleep.

Next morning, we woke up and clicked some beautiful pictures around the mountains. Enroute, we saw a place where a tent was pitched which was approx 200m down and 2 km away from us, that was Nagtibba. Then we decided not to waste time and quicky go to Nagtibba and thereafter climb up to Nagtibba top. The temperature was very low but we were all covered with warm clothes.

ImageOn the way to Nag Tibba, we saw a little monkey which was  uncautious on the road. Passang touched and checked that the monkey was unwell and suffering from cold. Ashok carried the monkey in his Jacket and then we headed towards our journey.

We reached Nag Tibba at 18 hrs. We saw water around the Nag temple where we drank it and took rest for few minutes. At Nagtibba, we met some locals, who provided us some biscuits. After getting some heat from the fire, we headed towards the Nagtibba top along with the little monkey in Ashok’s lap. It was tough but an overwhelming experience climbing till top. Finally, we reached the top at 1117 hrs. It was a nice and tremendous view of the Himalayas from the top .

After a short break we started descending down towards our camp. It took 1 and half hour to reach at the camp. After the light breakfast with dry fruits we started winding up all the things. Around 1330 we descended down to Deva Village. Around 1600 hrs we reached the road and board the vehicle for Thathur.  From Thathur we started towards Mussoorie. By the time we reached Mussoorie, the Monkey’s condition was critical. We took him to the animal dispensary where the treatment was given.

Finally we continued our drive towards Delhi where we reached around 0400 hrs in the morning. It was overall an adventurous and exciting experience for all of us. If you wish to have this experience for yourself, please have a look at,-Garhwal-Himalaya,-Uttarakhand


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  1. Awesome trip and great blog. I am planning to go to Nag Tibba Trek. I have been reading its reviews these days and I am quite impressed and excited at the same time. I am planning to book this package. Please suggest me whether its fine or not?

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